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HotForex Traders Awards 2019

HF-Score - HotForex Trader Awards

The HF-Score is a new HotForex scoring methodology which indicates a trader's strategy performance on a daily basis. This measurement takes into account the cash outflows and inflows into the trading account and adjusts the performance accordingly, eliminating the performance distortions caused by deposits, withdrawals and internal transfers out and into the trading account.

By following a time-weighted return calculation and based on the equity of the trading account, which takes into account both open and closed positions, the HF-Score provides not only an accurate return value but as well present a truly realistic performance result due to its unique periodical breakdown method.

NOTE: The HF-Score takes into consideration the total equity of each individual account, this means that any respective bonus amount awarded to an account will be included into the final calculation.

HotForex is proud to introduce The 1st Traders Awards 2019

Each and every month, the trader with the greatest gain will win a stunning Crystal Obelisk, a USD1,000 Cash Prize AND entry into the HotForex Hall of Fame for showing exceptional trading skills! Plus, the Top 10 traders will be featured on the HotForex Traders Awards page in recognition of their hard work and superb trading abilities.


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