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What Is the Difference Between VWMA vs VWAP?


What Is the Difference Between VWMA vs VWAP?

When trading in the financial markets, having the right tools and indicators can make all the difference. Two popular indicators used by traders are VWMA and VWAP, both of which factor volume data into their calculations.

But what’s the difference between the two, and which one should you consider using?

VWMA stands for Volume-Weighted Moving Average. It’s a lagging technical indicator that’s calculated similarly to a Simple Moving Average (SMA) but taking volume into account. In essence, a high volume will have a greater impact on the VWMA, offering traders a more accurate representation of an asset’s price trend than non-volume weighted moving averages.

One advantage of VWMA is that it can filter out noise from small price movements that don't have a significant impact on trading volume. It can also help traders identify the strength of a trend by showing if price movements are accompanied by increasing or decreasing trading volume.

VWAP stands for Volume-Weighted Average Price. It’s similar in principle to the VWMA, but rather than being a moving average, it shows the ratio of an asset’s price to its total trading volume in a given trading session, known as its anchor period. Consequently, it produces an average price that stays relatively static throughout a trading day, compared to a moving average, which closely follows prices.

A key advantage of VWAP is that it can offer traders an idea of the "fair value" of an asset. This is in line with the idea of mean reversion, which states that prices tend to revert to their average over time.

Choosing between VWMA vs VWAP ultimately depends on your trading strategy and preferences. If you’re looking for a moving average that may more accurately reflect the trend of an asset, then VWMA may be a better choice. On the other hand, if you want a more static indicator that can offer mean reversion trading opportunities on intraday charts, then VWAP could be preferable.

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing your money.

What Is Position Trading?


If you’re interested in trading but don’t have the time to day trade, position trading might be for you.

Position trading involves holding a trade for weeks, months, or even years to profit from a long-term price trend. Unlike day trading, which involves opening and closing positions within the same trading day, position trading requires a broader perspective and a more patient approach.

Components of a Position Trader’s Strategy:

🔸 Fundamental Analysis. This may involve analysing a company’s financial statements, examining interest rate differentials between two economies, and assessing the overall economic picture to determine the potential for an asset’s long-term growth or decline.

🔸 Technical Analysis. Technical analysis tools, like moving averages or oscillators, can help gauge the strength of a trend or provide insight into when a trend is reaching its peak.

🔸 High Timeframe Charts. As position traders hold trades for an extended period, they tend to look to the daily, weekly, and monthly charts to guide their trades.

🔸 Risk Management. As a natural consequence of taking a long-term view of the market, position traders often use stop losses far wider than a day or swing trader to account for more significant price fluctuations.

🔸Patience. Position trading requires the patience and discipline to hold a trade through short-term market volatility and avoid impulsive decision-making.

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing your money.

How to Choose a Currency Pair for Forex Trading


If you want to start trading on the foreign exchange market, the very first thing to do is to learn the basics. You need to find out what forex is, how FX trading works, what currency pairs are there, and how to choose a currency pair to trade. In this guide, we’ve gathered all the relevant information you need to get started.

Forex, or FX, is short for foreign exchange – this is a global marketplace where banks, organisations, and investors trade national currencies. On the foreign exchange market, people trade currency pairs.

Currency pairs are divided into three categories. Majors are the most popular pairs with the lowest spreads and large trading volumes. For example, EUR/USD or USD/JPY.

Minor currency pairs refer to pairs that have less daily trading volume than the major forex pair but include at least one of the world’s major currencies. For example, EUR/NZD or AUD/NZD.

Exotic currency pairs have a currency of an emerging or developing nation and a major currency. These are USD/CNH, USD/MXN, USD/TRY, etc.

🔸Influence of Economic Factors on FX Trading

When choosing which forex pair to trade, traders pay attention not only to trading sessions and pair types but also to factors that affect the pair’s value. Economic factors are one of these. Traders monitor macroeconomic statistics, such as inflation, economic growth, GDP, and employment data. International trade figures, such as trade deficits and surpluses, also influence forex markets.

🔸Geopolitical Factors in Foreign Exchange

Understanding how politics affects the forex market is essential for traders. Geopolitical issues, like changes in political power, trade issues, and military activity, can significantly impact the performance of financial assets.

🔸Technical Analysis

You can conduct a technical analysis to make a prediction on the further price movement of a particular currency pair. Technical analysis is used in the forex market to help traders identify potential trading opportunities based on past market behaviour and price patterns. Technical analysis helps traders choose currency pairs based on volatility, accurate entry and exit points, overbought and oversold conditions, and more.

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing your money.

Unlock Rewards!


Unlock Rewards!

Exciting news for our valued customers! The CMP loyalty program is on the horizon, set to launch in January 2024. Get ready to unlock a world of exclusive benefits and rewards as a token of our appreciation for your continued support.

Stay tuned for more details, as we can't wait to share this fantastic program with you. Your loyalty means the world to us, and we're thrilled to enhance your experience with CMP in the coming year.

Top 10 - World's Most Worthless Currencies


We are sure you’ve heard of EUR, USD, GBP, and other top currencies and maybe even know their rates, at least approximately. But most people do not know about currencies with low values.

So, what is the most worthless currency in the world?

1. Iranian Rial (IRR)

It is the cheapest currency in the world right now. In 2020, the government implemented a currency reform, renaming the national currency the Toman, with a denomination in the ratio of 10000:1.

2. Venezuelan Sovereign Bolivar (VES)

The VES is not the world’s most worthless currency, but it is close to achieving this title. Currently, Venezuela is also among the poorest countries in the world.

3. Vietnamese Dong (VND)

The economy of Vietnam is still recovering from the wars, and the transition from a centralised to a market economy has greatly affected the country and its activities. Investors are still very cautious about investing in the country, which restrains the value of Vietnam’s national currency.

4. Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL)

The leone is the official currency of Sierra Leone. It’s one of the poorest countries on earth. Civil unrest, the recent war (1991-2002), and repeated battles with viruses such as Ebola do not allow the country to focus on economic prosperity.

5. Laotian Kip (LAK)

Since 1991, the country has suffered from chronic inflation, and since 2010, Laos has had a 100,000 kip banknote. For larger transactions, people prefer dollars or Thai baht.

6. Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

In 2008-2011, the exchange rate fluctuated between 8,500 and 12,000 rupiahs per 1 US dollar. Since then, the rate is steadily growing, and in 2022 it was about 16,200.

7. Uzbekistan Som (UZS)

Due to the extremely low exchange rate, in 2019, the bank issued a banknote of 100,000 soms. The rate reached an АТН of approximately 11,300 in 2023, and the lowest point of 9,400 was in 1994.

8. Guinean Franc (GNF)

Guinea is one of the world’s poorest, with high poverty rates, terrible crime rates, and hyperinflation.

9. Paraguayan Guarani (PYG)

Paraguay ranks third in the list of the poorest South-American countries and has the ninth-weakest currency in the world.

10. Cambodian Riel (KHR)

During the reign of the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979, there was no national currency in the country, so the actual payment means was rice. In April 1980, riel was reintroduced. Cambodia is a multiple currency zone, where the US dollar commands the largest share of domestic use.

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Ringgit dibuka tinggi berbanding dolar AS


KUALA LUMPUR: Ringgit kembali meningkat daripada penurunannya apabila dibuka tinggi berbanding dolar Amerika Syarikat (AS) pada Jumaat, berikutan perkembangan positif yang dialami pasaran pertukaran mata wang asing Asia.

Ketua Ahli Ekonomi Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd, Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid berkata minat risiko bertambah baik selepas perhatian didapati beralih kepada yen Jepun apabila Bank Of Japan (BOJ) dilihat akan mengubah pendiriannya tidak lama lagi selepas kekal mengalami keadaan terlebih akomodatif.

Pada 9.15 pagi, ringgit meningkat kepada 4.6660/6700 berbanding dolar AS daripada 4.6720/6765 ketika ditutup pada Khamis.

Beliau berkata BOJ telah mengekalkan kadar dasarnya pada -0.1 peratus sejak Januari 2016 hingga kini.

Kadar inflasi Jepun telah melepasi sasaran dua peratus sejak sekian lama dengan Indeka Harga Pengguna (IHP) keseluruhan dan teras masing-masing berada pada 3.2 peratus dan 2.7 peratus pada Oktober.

Mohd Afzanizam berkata oleh itu, yen Jepun mencatatkan kenaikan ketara sejak akhir-akhir ini kepada 144.15.

Ini berlaku memandangkan Rizab Persekutuan AS (Fed) dijangka mengekalkan Kadar Dana Fed tidak berubah minggu depan apabila Jawatankuasa Pasaran Terbuka Fed (FOMC) kembali bersidang pada 12 dan 13 Disember 2023.

"Justeru, ringgit sepatutnya kekal stabil hari ini pada kira-kira RM4.67 hingga RM4.68 berbanding dolar AS," katanya.

Ringgit didagangkan rendah kebanyakannya berbanding beberapa mata wang utama.

Unit domestik meningkat berbanding pound kepada 5.8778/8828 daripada 5.8802/8858 semasa ditutup pada Khamis.

Ringgit susut berbanding yen Jepun kepada 3.2632/2662 daripada 3.2243/2276 danlemah berbanding euro kepada 5.0374/0417 daripada 5.0359/0408 semalam.

Sementara itu, ringgit diniagakan rendah kebanyakannya berbanding mata wang negara ASEAN lain.

Ia meningkat berbanding peso Filipina kepada 8.42/8.45 daripada 8.45/8.46 pada Khamis namun susut berbanding baht Thailand kepada 13.2916/3086 daripada 13.2803/3014.

Unit tempatan rendah berbanding dolar Singapura kepada 3.4912/4947 daripada 3.4884/4920 serta lemah berbanding rupiah Indonesia kepada 300.6/301.1 daripada 301.0/301.5 sebelum ini.

10 Strongest Currencies In Asia


Asia, a continent rich in culture and history, is also home to some of the world's strongest economies, reflected in their powerful currencies. Check out the latest FXOpen article highlighting the top 10 Asian currencies and the reasons behind their strength.

🔍 Curious about the rankings? Here's a sneak peek:

10. Saudi Riyal (SAR) - 1 SAR = 0.266 USD

9. UAE Dirham (AED) - 1 AED = 0.272 USD

8. Qatari Riyal (QAR) - 1 QAR = 0.274 USD

7. Azerbaijani Manat (AZN) - 1 AZN = 0.588 USD

6. Brunei Dollar (BND) - 1 BND = 0.729 USD

5. Singapore Dollar (SGD) - 1 SGD = 0.729 USD

4. Jordanian Dinar (JOD) - 1 JOD = 1.410 USD

3. Oman Rial (OMR) - 1 OMR = 2.597 USD

2. Bahraini Dinar (BHD) - 1 BHD = 2.659 USD

1. Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD) - 1 KWD = 3.233 USD

Asia is home to a variety of currencies that reflect the region’s economic prosperity and growth. Forex traders looking to diversify their portfolios can look to Asia’s strongest currencies. 

Curious to uncover the full rankings and dive deeper into the factors shaping Asia's top currencies? 

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🔸S&P 500 Analysis: Why Santa May Have Problems Rallying🔸


🔸S&P 500 Analysis: Why Santa May Have Problems Rallying🔸

It is traditionally believed that the Santa Rally occurs at the end of December and the first days of January, but according to many opinions it is acceptable to think that it begins much earlier.

At the beginning of December, the values of the S&P 500 index came close to the highs of the year in the area of 4,611, but have declined to date, forming a number of bearish signs:

→ the candle on November 29 has a long upper shadow — a sign of seller activity;

→ the same can be said about yesterday’s candle;

→ candles on December 1-4 form a bearish engulfing pattern;

→ all of the listed candles form a head-and-shoulders pattern (shown by the letters SHS).

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Full Margin Podcast - Episod 1 - Robo Trading Bersama Azlan Ronin


Episod pertama Podcast Full Margin telah membincangkan isu-isu seperti penggunaan robo trading semasa berdagang, pengalaman Azlan Ronin melakukan trading dari dulu sehingga kini, kenyataan beliau dalam menepis pelbagai komen-komen haters. 

Podcast Full Margin ini juga disiarkan untuk merapatkan jurang dalam perbincangan isu trading dan ekonomi semasa dengan lebih santai. Untuk menjadi partner kami, layari laman web FBS untuk info lanjut.

DECEMBER 2023 - FXOPEN - Trusted by more than 1 M+ traders worldwide.


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Our mission

FXOpen has been offering Forex brokerage services since 2005 and is currently one of the most successful and fastest-growing Forex brokers.

Since the very start FXOpen has been true and loyal to its goal - making Forex trading more professional, easy-to-access and secure. FXOpen was founded by a group of traders so everything we do has the traders' interests at its core.

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🔸Market Analysis: WTI Oil Price Drops to Lowest Level Since July🔸


🔸Market Analysis: WTI Oil Price Drops to Lowest Level Since July🔸

As the chart shows, the price of a barrel of US crude oil dropped below 72.10 per barrel yesterday for the first time since July 2023.

Fundamentally, this happened against the backdrop of:

→ Statistics showing that US oil exports are increasing. Volume is approaching a record 6 million barrels per day, with flows to Europe and Asia showing steady growth.

→ Previously announced measures to reduce oil production by OPEC+. However, either the price has already taken these statements into account in advance, or market participants are not confident that the reduction in OPEC+ supplies will be fully implemented — one way or another, so far the OPEC+ countries have not achieved the desired increase in oil prices. Perhaps, in order to discuss the oil market, Russian President Putin is flying to the UAE and Saudi Arabia today. And Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said OPEC+ is ready to deepen oil production cuts in the first quarter of 2024 to eliminate “speculation and volatility” if existing production reduction measures are not enough.

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🔸Gold Falls from Record High by $100 in 1 Day🔸



🔸Gold Falls from Record High by $100 in 1 Day🔸

The record high of about USD 2,130 an ounce was set just after the weekend in low-liquid Asian markets. By the nature of the movement, it looked more like a cascading triggering of sellers’ stop losses, rather than finding a stable balance between supply and demand, since after the candle with a long upper tail, the quote began to fall. During the European session it fell to 2,060, and during the American session it fell to 2,030. So in less than a day, the price of gold fell about USD 100, making Monday's close further from the record top than Friday's close — essentially similar to a change in market sentiment, in which a bearish engulfing pattern is formed.

From a fundamental point of view, the gold market is influenced by:

→ Jerome Powell's words that expectations of a rate cut may be “premature”;

→ positioning traders at the beginning of the working week. Important news on the US labor market is expected on Friday.

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Ringgit susut tiga hari berturut-turut


KUALA LUMPUR: Ringgit ditutup rendah berbanding dolar Amerika Syarikat (AS) untuk hari ketiga berturut-turut meskipun terdapat tanda-tanda pasaran buruh AS yang lemah mampu mendorong pendirian Rizab Persekutuan (Fed) cenderung ke arah penurunan kadar.

Pada jam 6 petang, ringgit merosot kepada 4.6720/6765 berbanding dolar AS 4.6665/6700 ketika ditutup pada Rabu.

Menurut tinjauan Job Opening and Labor Turnover, peluang pekerjaan di AS jatuh kepada 8.7 juta pada Oktober, di bawah jangkaan anggaran konsensus sebanyak 9.3 juta dan turun berbanding rekod tertinggi yang dicatatkan sebanyak 12.0 juta pada Mac 2022.

Ketua Ekonomi Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd, Dr Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid, berkata angka peluang pekerjaan AS yang di bawah jangkaan itu jelas menunjukkan bahawa permintaan buruh yang semakin menurun mungkin mendorong pertimbangan semula pendirian monetari dalam kalangan anggota Jawatankuasa Pasaran Terbuka Persekutuan (FOMC).

"Ini amat penting kerana mencapai guna tenaga maksimum adalah salah satu matlamat pencapaian mandatnya, manakala matlamat kedua adalah kestabilan harga, yang berkaitan dengan inflasi," katanya.

Mohd Afzanizam berkata, wujud hubungan positif selepas meneliti korelasi antara Kadar Peluang Pekerjaan (JOR) dan pertumbuhan Purata Pendapatan Setiap Jam (AHE).

"Oleh itu, jika perniagaan memilih untuk mengurangkan tenaga kerja mereka, ia boleh membawa kepada penawaran gaji yang lebih rendah, sekali gus memberi kesan kepada inflasi, memandangkan kaitannya dengan pertumbuhan gaji," katanya.

Sementara itu, beliau berkata, data perdagangan China menunjukkan peningkatan, dengan eksport tumbuh 0.5 peratus pada November berbanding anggaran konsensus penguncupan 1.1 peratus.

Ini adalah pertumbuhan positif pertama untuk eksport China selepas kekal dalam lingkungan negatif selama enam bulan berturut-turut, katanya.

"Secara keseluruhannya, kami percaya pasaran pertukaran asing masih dalam keadaan bimbang terhadap hala tuju dasar monetari AS berikutan mesyuarat FOMC terakhir bagi tahun ini yang semakin hampir.

"Itu boleh menjelaskan mengapa kadar dolar AS-ringgit terus kekal sedikit di atas paras sokongan serta-mertanya pada RM4.6611," katanya.

Pada penutup dagangan, ringgit diniagakan kebanyakannya rendah berbanding sekumpulan mata wang utama.

Ringgit rendah berbanding pound British kepada 5.8802/8858 daripada 5.8793/8837 ketika ditutup pada Rabu, susut berbanding yen Jepun kepada 3.2243/2276 daripada 3.1672/1700 sebelum itu.

Bagaimanapun, mata wang tempatan itu hampir tidak berubah berbanding euro kepada 5.0359/0408 daripada 5.0356/0394 semalam.

Ringgit juga diniagakan kebanyakannya rendah berbanding mata wang ASEAN yang lain.

Ia susut berbanding peso Filipina kepada 8.45/8.46 daripada 8.44/8.45 pada Rabu, merosot berbanding baht Thai kepada 13.2803/3014 daripada 13.2714/2908 dan turun berbanding dolar Singapura kepada 3.4884/4920 daripada 3.4801/4830 semalam.

Ringgit juga hampir tidak berubah berbanding rupiah Indonesia pada 301.0/301.5 daripada 301.1/301.5 sebelumnya.

5 Stocks To Consider In December 2023


In the heart of December, the spotlight is on tech stocks, particularly those powerhouse companies headquartered in Silicon Valley. Here are the top five movers in the global stock markets as the last month of the year gets underway, each with its own narrative and potential:

1️⃣ Apple Inc. - Leading with a 0.60% uptick at FXOpen, Apple continues to shine with its low-risk profile and global product penetration. Investors keep a close eye on this tech giant as it navigates the ever-evolving consumer electronics landscape.

2️⃣ Alphabet Inc. (Google) - Facing challenges with a more than 9% slide, Alphabet disappointed with underwhelming earnings. Meanwhile, Microsoft emerges as a bright spot with AI investments paying off for the cloud segment.

3️⃣ Microsoft Corporation - Rallying to a record high on November 29, Microsoft is making waves in the corporate world and diversifying into artificial intelligence. Speculation surrounds dedicated AI hardware compatible with the upcoming Windows 12 platform.

4️⃣ Amazon - Celebrating its 'biggest ever' Cyber Monday, Amazon's stock increased by 0.55% at FXOpen. With a stellar third-quarter earnings report, the e-commerce giant's shares soared by 22.8% since October.

5️⃣ NVIDIA Corporation - Dominating in the digital age, NVIDIA has transitioned successfully into the AI realm. With a remarkable 220% stock surge since January, NVIDIA's strategic pivot resonates with tech enthusiasts and investors alike.

As we approach the new year, these market dynamics set the stage for exciting possibilities. Stay tuned for more insights and trends! 🚀🔍

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing your money.

🔸Market Analysis: Bitcoin Surpasses $40,000 Per Coin🔸



🔸Market Analysis: Bitcoin Surpasses $40,000 Per Coin🔸

December begins extremely optimistically for the cryptocurrency market, resembling:

→ December 2020, when bitcoin grew by 46.9%;

→ December 2017, when bitcoin grew by 38.9%;

→ December 2016, when bitcoin grew by 30.8%.

If there are psychological patterns in the increase in demand on the eve of the holidays, then perhaps they come into force, since on the morning of December 4, the price of Bitcoin exceeded the psychological barrier of 40k and reached 41,700 per coin — for the first time since April 2022.

Fundamentally, demand is based on expectations of the approval of several Bitcoin ETFs. The fear and greed index reached a value of 74, indicating growing greed. Another driver is expectations of Fed rate cuts, which leads to more affordable loans and, accordingly, increased demand for risky assets.

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing your money.

Cryptocurrency CFDs are not available to Retail clients at FXOpen UK or FXOpen AU.

Aliran masuk modal asing, nilai ringgit bertambah kukuh tahun hadapan - MIDF Research


KUALA LUMPUR: Aliran masuk portfolio asing ke dalam pasaran ekuiti Malaysia dijangka bertambah kukuh tahun hadapan sejajar pengukuhan ringgit berbanding dolar Amerika Syarikat (AS).

Mata wang tempatan yang diunjurkan meningkat semuka ke paras 4.20 menjelang akhir 2024, kata penganalisis MIDF Research.

Pengarah dan Ketua Strategi MIDF Research, Imran Yassin Md Yusof, berkata secara lazimnya pengukuhan ringgit akan menarik aliran masuk dana asing.

Beliau berkata, pihaknya sudah menyaksikan kembalinya aliran dana asing memasuki pasaran ekuiti Malaysia pada November dan aliran juga dilihat berterusan pada bulan ini.

"Kami melihat aliran masuk dana asing beberapa minggu lalu. Ini memberi petunjuk kemungkinan tahun depan akan menyaksikan lebih banyak aliran masuk dana ke dalam pasaran tempatan," katanya pada taklimat tinjauan pasaran 2024.

Mengenai prospek pertumbuhan ekonomi Malaysia pada 2024, Imran berkata, MIDF Research percaya bahawa pelaksanaan beberapa dasar kerajaan dan pemulihan dalam perdagangan luar akan menjadi faktor utama yang dijangka menyokong pertumbuhan ekonomi tahun depan.

Beliau berkata, MIDF Research menjangkakan pertumbuhan keluaran dalam negara kasar (KDNK) Malaysia sebanyak 4.7 peratus pada 2024 berbanding unjuran pertumbuhan 2023 sekitar 4.2 peratus, dipacu permintaan domestik yang kukuh dan pemulihan perdagangan luaran.

Beliau berkata, kestabilan dasar monetari di negara utama, pemulihan ekonomi China dan harga komoditi global yang menyokong dijangka merangsang persekitaran luaran Malaysia pada 2024.

Katanya, pihaknya menjangkakan harga minyak mentah dan minyak sawit mentah (MSM) berada pada paras purata masing-masing sekitar AS$84 setong dan RM3,600 satu tan bagi 2024.

"Ekonomi domestik dijangka disokong oleh perbelanjaan pengguna yang berterusan, aktiviti berkaitan pelancongan yang lebih baik dan pembinaan projek infrastruktur.

"Pasaran pekerjaan Malaysia juga kekal dalam keadaan baik dan positif termasuk pertumbuhan dalam guna tenaga dan kadar pengangguran yang lebih rendah," katanya.

Mengenai inflasi, Ahli Ekonomi MIDF Research, Abdul Mui'zz Morhalim, berkata MIDF Research menjangkakan kadar inflasi sekitar 3.2 peratus tahun depan di tengah-tengah pelaksanaan subsidi bahan api bersasar.

Beliau berkata, walaupun kadar inflasi diunjurkan tinggi berikutan usaha rasionalisasi subsidi, pertumbuhan gaji benar dijangka kekal dalam wilayah yang positif.

Katanya, pihaknya menjangkakan Kadar Dasar Semalaman (OPR) kekal pada 3.00 peratus, yang mana paras itu disifatkan menyokong dan akomodatif berdasarkan jangkaan kestabilan kadar inflasi teras dan persekitaran luaran yang mencabar.

"Bagi ringgit, memandangkan kemungkinan besar Rizab Persekutuan AS (Fed) menamatkan kitaran pengetatan kadar faedahnya, kami percaya ringgit, pada asasnya, berada dalam kedudukan yang baik untuk mengukuh pada 2024," katanya.

Mengenai tinjauan prestasi FBM KLCI pada 2024, Ketua Strategi MIDF Research, Syed Muhammed Kifni Syed Kamaruddin, berkata MIDF Research menjangkakan indeks penanda aras Bursa Malaysia bagi akhir 2024 sekitar 1,665 mata.

Beliau berkata, jangkaan berakhirnya kenaikan kadar faedah AS juga akan mengalihkan aliran dana asing kembali ke pasaran baharu muncul dan Malaysia tidak terkecuali.

Daftar - Berdagang - Menang - Pertandingan XM



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Bonus atau Promosi anda yang seterusnya tidak pernah jauh dengan XM


🌟 Kami melakukan segala yang kami mampu untuk membantu anda mencapai matlamat dagangan anda

 😍 Selain daripada mewujudkan persekitaran dagangan dan sistem sokongan yang menakjubkan, kami telah menambah keseronokan tambahan dengan:  

💰 Bonus dagangan

🎁 Promosi dan hadiah

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Ringgit dibuka rendah, permintaan dolar AS meningkat


KUALA LUMPUR: Ringgit dibuka rendah berbanding dolar AS pagi ini apabila Indeks Dolar AS (DXY) meningkat 0.1 peratus kepada 104.153 mata.

Jangkaan pelabur mengenai pengurangan kadar yang lebih awal oleh Bank Pusat Eropah turut membantu menyokong dolar AS.

Pada 9.06 pagi, ringgit berada pada paras 4.6705/6750 berbanding dolar AS daripada 4.6665/6700 penutup semalam.

Ketua Ekonomi Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid berkata pasaran bon terus meningkat berikutan situasi petunjuk pasaran buruh yang semakin lemah.

Menurutnya, pengurus dana dilihat yakin dengan pasaran bon dengan jangkaan pertumbuhan global yang lebih lemah pada 2024, justeru, mengalihkan wang mereka kepada bon ekonomi utama.

"Oleh itu, memandangkan Indeks Dolar AS terus kekal positif, ringgit dijangka berlegar antara RM4.66 hingga RM4.68 hari ini," katanya.

Ringgit diniagakan kebanyakannya lebih tinggi berbanding sekumpulan mata wang utama.

Nilai mata wang tempatan meningkat berbanding euro kepada 5.0301/0350 daripada 5.0356/0394 pada penutupan Rabu, lebih tinggi berbanding pound Britain pada 5.8666/8723 daripada 5.8793/8837 tetapi susut berbanding yen Jepun kepada 3.1757/1790 daripada 3.1672/1700 sebelumnya.

Sementara itu, mata wang tempatan diniagakan bercampur-campur berbanding mata wang Asean lain.

Ringgit mengukuh berbanding peso Filipina kepada 8.43/8.44 daripada 8.44/8.45 pada hari Rabu dan lebih tinggi berbanding baht Thai pada 13.2700/2903 daripada 13.2714/2908.

Nilai mata wang tempatan itu bagaimanapun tidak berubah berbanding rupiah Indonesia pada 301.4/301.8 daripada 301.1/301.5 dan lemah sedikit berbanding dolar Singapura pada 3.4810/4849 daripada 3.4801/4830 semalam. 

World Finance Top 100 Global Companies - HFM


Kami berbangga mendapat penghormatan untuk disenaraikan sebagai salah satu daripada 100 Syarikat Global Terbaik Kewangan Dunia sebagai pengiktirafan terhadap produk inovatif kami, perkhidmatan pelanggan yang cemerlang dan keadaan perdagangan yang tiada tandingan! 

🏆 Kami ingin mengucapkan terima kasih kepada semua orang yang telah menyumbang kepada kejayaan kami!

➡️Lihat pameran penuh anugerah kami: HFM Award 

Ringgit rendah berbanding dolar AS bagi hari kedua berturut-turut


KUALA LUMPUR: Ringgit rendah berbanding dolar Amerika Syarikat (AS) bagi hari kedua berturut-turut pada Rabu, berikutan kekurangan permintaan memandangkan Indeks Dolar AS (DXY) terus mengukuh.

Pada pukul 6 petang, ringgit susut kepada 4.6665/6700 berbanding dolar AS daripada 4.6610/6660 ketika ditutup pada Selasa.

Rakan Kongsi Pengurusan SPI Asset Management, Stephen Innes berkata ringgit lebih lemah hari ini berikutan aliran dolar AS yang lebih luas, dengan DXY pulih melebihi paras penting 104.00.

"Walaupun pengurangan kadar Rizab Persekutuan AS (Fed) tahun depan dijangkakan ramai dan boleh mempengaruhi dolar AS namun, pasaran mula menganggap pengurangan 125 mata asas adalah keterlaluan.

"Jadi, pelabur dijangka kurang untuk menjual dolar sehingga data mengesahkan tindakan lancar Fed yang lebih rendah," katanya kepada Bernama.

Beliau berkata beberapa minggu akan datang dijangka memberi kejelasan mengenai laluan dasar makro dan Fed.

"Peristiwa penting termasuk data pengangguran AS, senarai gaji bukan ladang, Indeks Harga Pengguna AS, mesyuarat Bank of England serta mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Pasaran Terbuka Fed, dengan jawatankuasa itu akan menyemak Ringkasan Unjuran Ekonomi, termasuk plot titik kadar Dana Fed bagi 2024 hingga 2026," katanya.

Sementara itu, Peniaga ActivTrades, Dyogenes Rodrigues Diniz berkata data daripada Indeks Pengurus Pembelian (IPP) bukan pembuatan Institut Pengurusan Bekalan (ISM) AS adalah lebih tinggi berbanding jangkaan (52.7 berbanding unjuran pada 52) mendorong kenaikan dolar AS.

Pada penutupan dagangan, ringgit diniagakan tinggi berbanding sekumpulan mata wang utama.

Unit domestik meningkat berbanding euro kepada 5.0356/0394 daripada 5.0483/0537 semasa ditutup pada Selasa serta tinggi berbanding pound kepada 5.8793/8837 daripada 5.8873/8936.

Ringgit kukuh berbanding yen Jepun kepada 3.1672/1700 daripada 3.1692/1729 sebelumnya.

Sementara itu, mata wang tempatan didagangkan rendah kebanyakannya berbanding mata wang negara ASEAN lain.

Mata wang domestik susut berbanding peso Filipina kepada 8.44/8.45 daripada 8.42/8.44 pada Selasa dan rendah berbanding baht Thailand kepada 13.2714/2908 daripada 13.2040/2241.

Ringgit turun berbanding rupiah Indonesia kepada 301.1/301.5 daripada 300.5/301.0 namun, unit domestk meningkat berbanding dolar Singapura kepada 3.4801/4830 daripada 3.4820/4860 semalam.




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XM Ultra Low and Shares Accounts are not eligible to receive deposit bonuses.

Who can take part in this promotion?

All existing and new XM clients with a verified real trading account residing in Singapore.

All you need to do is deposit between 05-29 December, 2023.

What is a 100% Deposit Bonus?

It is a trading promotion that allows you to double the money you deposit.

In this case, all your deposits between 05 and 29 December 2023 will be doubled (up to $500 or currency equivalent).

Can I withdraw the Bonus?

No. The bonus cannot be withdrawn and can only be used for trading.

However, any profits you generate trading with the bonus can be withdrawn. Any withdrawal of funds will result in the proportional removal of your trading bonus.

How much can I increase my trading capital?

Your trading capital can increase up to $1000* if you use your full bonus entitlement.

For example, if you currently have $300 in your trading account and deposit $500, your bonus will be $500*. Both amounts are added instantly to give you a total equity of $1300.

Do I receive a bigger bonus if I deposit more than $500?

No. The maximum bonus you can receive is $500 (or currency equivalent).

For example, if you deposit $600, the bonus you receive is $500, which results in your trading equity increasing by a total of $1100.

How long do I have to claim my Bonus?

This promotion will be available from 09:30 am server time, 05 December, until 29 December 2023. Your deposits during this period will receive the 100% bonus (up to $500* or currency equivalent).

Apakah Dagangan Komoditi?


Komoditi ialah aset yang diukur dalam kuantiti fizikal seperti kopi ☕️, jagung 🌽 dan gandum 🌾 

Mereka telah didagangkan selama berabad-abad dan memainkan peranan utama dalam kepelbagaian portfolio dan pengurusan risiko untuk pedagang hari ini 📈

Teruskan belajar dengan XM ➡️  Ruang Lanjutan Lokal Melayu

Ringgit dibuka rendah berbanding dolar AS



KUALA LUMPUR: Ringgit dibuka rendah berbanding dolar AS pada pagi urus niaga Rabu apabila nilai dolar AS meningkat berikutan sentimen yang kian mengukuh bahawa kadar faedah akan diturunkan oleh Rizab Persekutuan (Fed) pada 2024.

Pada 9.07 pagi, ringgit berada pada 4.6715/6760 berbanding dolar AS daripada 4.6610/6660 pada penutup semalam.

Ketua Ekonomi Bank Muamalat Malaysia Bhd Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid berkata penurunan berterusan dalam Pembukaan Pekerjaan AS kepada 8.7 juta pada Oktober 2023 daripada paras tertinggi 12.0 juta pada Mac tahun lepas menunjukkan permintaan terhadap tenaga kerja berada dalam trend menurun.

Sementara itu, ringgit diniagakan bercampur-campur berbanding sekumpulan mata wang utama yang lain.

Ringgit meningkat sedikit berbanding euro kepada 5.0438/0487 daripada 5.0483/0537 pada penutupan urus niaga Selasa, tidak berubah berbanding pound Britain kepada 5.8875/8932 daripada 5.8873/8936 sebelumnya dan susut berbanding yen Jepun kepada 3.1747/1779 daripada 3.1692/1729.

Berbanding mata wang Asean yang lain, nilai mata wang tempatan agak rendah.

Ringgit menyusut nilai berbanding dolar Singapura kepada 3.4857/4893 daripada 3.4820/4860 dan lemah berbanding baht Thai pada 13.2713/2909 daripada 13.2040/2241 sebelumnya.

Nilai mata wang tempatan turut susut berbanding rupiah Indonesia kepada 301.2/301.7 daripada 300.5/301.0 dan lemah berbanding peso Filipina kepada 8.44/8.45 daripada 8.42/8.44 sebelumnya. 

Major Market News to watch this month (December)!


Major Market News to watch this month (December)!

Keep an eye on the upcoming market events this month:

✅05th: RBA Rate Statement

✅06th: BOC Rate Statement

✅12th: US Core Price Index

✅13th: FOMC

✅14th: SNB Rate Statement

✅14th: BOE Rate Statement

✅14th: ECB Rate Statement

✅19th: BOJ Rate Statement

Ringgit ditutup rendah berbanding dolar AS


KUALA LUMPUR: Ringgit ditutup rendah berbanding dolar Amerika Syarikat (AS) pada Selasa berikutan kemerosotan yuan China selepas agensi penarafan Moody's menurunkan unjuran terhadap penarafan kredit kerajaan China, kepada negatif.

Pada 6 petang, ringgit menyusut kepada 4.6610/6660 berbanding dolar AS daripada 4.6550/6600 sewaktu ditutup pada Isnin.

Ketua Ekonomi Bank Muamalat Malaysia Mohd Afzanizam Abdul Rashid berkata penurunan daripada stabil kepada negatif menunjukkan kemungkinan penurunan penarafan berdaulat untuk China telah meningkat.

"Ini berlaku memandangkan kerajaan China meningkatkan langkah rangsangan fiskal untuk memperkukuh aktiviti ekonomi kerana perlu bergelut dengan pasaran hartanah yang kian lemah.

"Saya berpandangan bahawa, memandangkan ada hubung kait yang positif antara yuan dan ringgit, kelemahan yuan berupaya menyebabkan ringgit lebih lemah," katanya.

Bagaimanapun beliau berkata yen Jepun dilihat menerima sokongan dengan meraih kira-kira 0.33 peratus berbanding dolar AS.

"Malah, euro turut meningkat berbanding dolar AS sebanyak 0.21 peratus," katanya.

Pada penutup dagangan, ringgit diniagakan bercampur-campur berbanding sekumpulan mata wang utama.

Mata wang tempatan meningkat berbanding euro kepada kepada 5.0483/0537 daripada 5.0623/0677 semasa ditutup pada Isnin, selain lebih tinggi berbanding pound Britain kepada 5.8873/8936 daripada 5.8997/9061 sebelumnya, dan menokok berbanding yen Jepun kepada 3.16992/172992 daripada 3.1751/1787.

Dalam pada itu, mata wang tempatan diniagakan kebanyakannya tinggi berbanding mata wang Asean.

Ringgit menokok berbanding dolar Singapura kepada 3.4820/4860 daripada 3.4882/4925 pada Isnin, mengukuh berbanding baht Thailand kepada 13.2040/2241 daripada 13.3183/3368 sebelum ini dan naik berbanding rupiah Indonesia kepada 300.5/301.0 daripada 300.9/301.5.

Bagaimanapun, mata wang tempatan rendah berbanding peso Filipina kepada 8.42/8.44 daripada 8.41/8.42 sebelum ini.

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Ia adalah pertandingan akhir tahun yang menakjubkan!

💵 $100,000 dalam bentuk hadiah wang tunai yang boleh dikeluarkan

🏅 100 Pemenang

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📅 30 Nov 2023 - 11 Jan 2024

Sertai untuk peluang memenangi hadiah wang tunai yang besar ➡️  Pertandingan XM

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