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Traders Fair & Gala night, Thailand! January 30, 2021

Traders Fair & Gala night, Thailand!
The whole of traders’ community will come – join as well

Date – January 30, 2021
Venue – Bangkok, Thailand (Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok)

Traders Fair & Gala night – takes place in Bangkok, Thailand every year. So far it has proven to be one of the most successful financial events in the area. Only the highest-tier speakers, companies, traders and influencers gather to share knowledge and exchange ideas. The event has established a solid platform for financial specialists of all kinds for doing business. And as such it has already provided a platform solid enough to establish numerous connections between common traders and companies in a span of several years.

Get to know how to profit – while it surely is really important to have valuable and useful connections one should never forget to educate themselves, especially in the ever changing world of finance where every day can be a surprise even for a seasoned veteran. Traders Fair events are centered about the idea of providing valuable knowledge and therefore only the wisest and most experienced financial gurus and traders are invited to share their unique knowledge will all of the participants completely for free as always. Having partnered with such trading experts as Kuekul Srisirivilai, Tipok Terasopon, Phitsanukhom Chaiyavet and many more Traders Fair continues to deliver only the highest of quality in terms of event management. Numerous companies have already joined the event: USGFX, AETOS, FXTM, ATFX, THINKMARKETS. This serves as a testimonial itself – the event is a trusted one. Moreover, the event is always covered by only the best media partners out there: FitForexThai, Thai Forex Elite, Bus Forex, Trade Rider, ThailandForexClub and many more which can be found on the website.

Knowledge and entertainment packed in one – during this amazing series of events it is also important to remember to have some fun times. And it is always provided in a way of various entertainment programs, giveaways, magic shows and lucky draws. This way you can stay engaged in education while also having a light-hearted and fun atmosphere around you which is an absolute must have during any event. Thanks to years of experience Traders Fair events know how to capture the attention of event the most picky visitors.

Easy to join as always – during these hard times it for sure is not easy to find any active event, however Traders Fair has your back. The registration for this amazing opportunity is already opened and the convention halls await you along with the team! So don’t hesitate to register now using the following link and we’ll see you there -
January 30, 2021
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