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Traders Fair & Gala night, Thailand! January 30, 2021


Traders Fair & Gala night, Thailand!

Great minds come together to profit. 

Date – January 30, 2021

Venue – Bangkok, Thailand (Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok)

Traders Fair & Gala night – the annual financial conference is here and it’s ready to open it’s doors to all aspiring financial specialists or even beginners. Doesn’t matter what exactly you are looking for in an event – education, entertainment or even a chance to win prizes. This wonderful event in Thailand, Bangkok has it all really.

A completely unique experience. We know you’ve been to events before without a doubt and most of them follow a certain pattern. You drop by, wander around the conference hall find out nothing new and go home. That is not the case with Trader’s Fair events however. While you are at the event venue you have chances of improving your social interaction skills, acquiring new and valuable contacts, learning about finance or even finding the perfect broker for yourself.  Having partnered with such trading experts as Kuekul Srisirivilai, Tipok Terasopon, Phitsanukhom Chaiyavet and many more Traders Fair continues to deliver only the highest of quality in terms of event management. Numerous companies have already joined the event: USGFX, AETOS, FXTM, ATFX, THINKMARKETS. This serves as a testimonial itself – the event is a trusted one. Moreover, the event is always covered by only the best media partners out there: FitForexThai, Thai Forex Elite, Bus Forex, Trade Rider, ThailandForexClub and many more which can be found on the website.

Increase your financial literacy – most events don’t provide the amount of educational content Trader’s Fair events provide. The schedule is very tightly packed with seminars from various financial specialists, gurus and advisors. The venue is always filled with companies stands for you to choose. And while you are at it don’t forget to have a chance to participate in lucky draws and giveaways – they are always there.

Get ready to join in – most events are closed down due to the general lockdown in all countries and for good reason. However you can already register for the event to receive useful information about all of it’s updates and news. Just register using the following link -

January 30, 2021

Bangkok, Thailand

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