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Explore our new commodity CFD products


We’ve expanded our range of commodities on the ADSS trading platform. You can now trade more agricultural assets like coffee and precious metals like palladium, as CFDs with leverage up 20:1.

Explore our new commodity CFD products

Hedge against volatility and uncertain times and diversify your portfolio with the latest additions to our range of versatile commodity CFDs. From new agricultural products like wheat, corn and cocoa to scarce precious metals like platinum and palladium, we’re bringing you even more products to help expand your trading horizons. Discover these new additions, now available on our ADSS platform, with leverage from 20:1. Download our market information sheet to learn more about our full offering.


Despite a 16% drop YTD, demand for the metal has grown from the auto industry due to tighter regulations on emissions.

Leverage from 14:1

Coffee Robusta

Take a view on falling prices of the popular roasting beans, which has seen its market price fall almost 8% YTD.

Leverage from 12:1


The bears are in charge as wheat recently traded a 3-year low having dropped 60% since the start of the Russia/Ukraine conflict.

Leverage from 10:1

White Sugar

Uncover new opportunities amid bullish prices and an 11-year high while global producers face production issues.

Leverage from 20:1

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