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How to Develop a Trading Plan

How to Develop a Trading Plan

If you’ve ever read an expert's thoughts on how to succeed in Forex trading, you’ll see them making mention of plans and strategies.

The plan comprises exit and entry strategies alongside the market in view, money management, and much more.

There are numerous reasons why a trader needs a trading plan. These include:

🔸A plan enforces discipline. It enables traders to continue in the currency market with the same zeal with which they began.

🔸It makes trades easier, and that’s because there’s a guide that you’re following.

🔸Improvements become easier when people follow a guide. A trader records all Forex market activities and can quickly identify where they’ve been going wrong.

How to Create a Trading Plan

The essential aspects of creating trading plans are all outlined below.

1. Identify Your Motivation

2. Define Your Goals

3. Assess Your Market Knowledge

4. Choose a Risk-Reward Ratio

5. Keep a Diary

6. Establish Limits

7. Decide How Much Capital You Have for Trading

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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing your money.

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