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Top 4 Strategies For Position Trading

Position trading is a time-tested approach to the financial markets, allowing traders to profit from long-term trends. In this article, we’ll explore the top four strategies for positional trading, discuss the features of successful position traders, and briefly examine three essential indicators that can help with your position trading journey.

Let’s examine four effective positional trading strategies:

🔸Support and Resistance Trading

At the heart of many positional trading strategies are support and resistance. Support refers to a price level where buying interest is strong enough to overcome selling pressure, leading to a pause or reversal in a downward movement. Resistance is the opposite: a price level where sellers overtake buyers, prompting a stall or reversal in an upward trend.

🔸Breakout Trading

Breakout trading, as the name suggests, involves taking positions once these key areas of support or resistance are broken through. This approach can be particularly effective since it allows traders to potentially catch the start of a substantial move.

🔸Pullback Trading

Pullback trading is effectively an extension of breakout trading. However, instead of entering when the level is broken, traders wait for a retracement, allowing them to optimise their entry points and risk/reward ratio.

🔸Triple Moving Averages

Moving averages (MAs) are technical indicators that smooth out price data to reveal underlying trends. By combining multiple MAs, position traders can better understand where the price may be headed next.

In summary, position trading is a unique approach that removes much of the stress of intraday styles.

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