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Forex 3 -Session Trading System

In the dynamic world of forex trading, mastering session-specific strategies can be essential for your trading performance. The Asian, European and US sessions in forex have their own unique rhythms and opportunities. This article delves into three strategies tailored to these sessions, offering insights for traders to navigate the complexities of the forex market.

🌏 Understanding Forex Trading Sessions:

In forex trading, being familiar with the different forex trading sessions is essential. These sessions correspond to the active hours of major global financial markets, each exhibiting distinct trading characteristics. 

Discover three powerful session trading systems designed for 1-minute to 15-minute charts, with a preference for the 5-minute. Gain insights on when and how to employ these strategies for maximum impact.

🔸Asian-London Breakout:

▪Capitalise on the surge in volatility as the London session begins.

▪Set buy/sell stop orders at the high and low of the Asian session's range.

▪Trail stop loss above or below key swing points.

🔸London Range Retest:

▪Focus on the breakout and retest of the London session's defined range.

▪Identify entry points at the high/low, 50% retracement, or key support/resistance levels.

▪Close the trade at the end of the New York session or set a target support/resistance level.

🔸London-New York Reversal:

▪Leverage trend reversals at the start of the New York session.

▪Monitor RSI for divergences and signs of market reversal.

▪Place stop loss strategically and set profit targets based on session ranges.

These forex session-specific strategies are valuable tools to enhance your trading performance. Apply these insights in a real-world trading environment by opening an FXOpen account. Experience the dynamic forex market where theory meets practice.

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