Traders Fair & Gala Night | Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia April 4, 2020 | InterContinental KL

Forex is the largest market in the world and a desirable way of earning money for many people💰
BUT one thing may affect any trader and especially newcomers - ❗MYTHS❗ about trading!
Here we put together the most common myths about Forex which may help to avoid frustration at the beginning of your trading journey. 🍀

1. You need a degree in economics to trade Forex. ❌
✅Traders come from diverse academic backgrounds. It's great if you understand economic principles but it's not strictly necessary. You need an intuition, a quick reaction and a good head for numbers for trading.😎

2. To make money in Forex you need to predict what is going to happen.❌
✅Forex is mostly about the quick and well-timed reaction. A good trader is always alert, analyses the charts and interprets the news rather than predict something that may or may not happen. 📝

3. You need a large sum of money to start Forex trading.❌
✅Nowadays, you may open a brokerage account with as little as $10. Of course, trading with $10 000 will bring you much more profit BUT you can try your hand in trading and hone your skills with smaller amounts first. 🤗

Let's get rid of MYTHS and start learning Forex secrets and strategies from professionals!🔝

Traders Fair&Gala Night | Kuala Lumpur | Malaysia🔹
🔹April 4, 2020 | InterContinental KL

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