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Traders Fair & Gala night, Philippines - May 29, 2021


Traders Fair & Gala night, Philippines

Unique opportunities ahead of you.


When – May 29, 2021

Where – Manila, Philippines (Makati Shangri-La Hotel, Manila)

Traders Fair & Gala night – a series of events that have already proven to help thousand of people to step into the world of finance with assurance. Entertainment, education, chances to win fantastic prizes – it has it all. The long history of this events is followed by yet another event this time based in Manila, Philippines.

A worldwide phenomena of an event. When organizing financial event Traders Fair has a unique approach to it. It doesn’t simply entertain it’s participants with nothing more in mind but provides completely unique opportunities for everyone out there interested in finance. Especially for such people the event schedule is tightly packed with seminars from different financials advisors, gurus and speakers. Their list of name is quite long as well – Marcello Arrambide, Celeste Rodriguez, Louis Teo and many more. Their knowledge and financial skills truly are unique and one of a kind. Helping people reach financial success is their absolute top priority and it really shows during their seminars. So feel free to listen to their amazing topics as always absolutely for free!

It is important to connect with others. And that’s not a surprise – the more valuable connections you acquire in your financial path the easier it becomes for you. Nobody started with a portfolio full of unique leads and secret techniques. This event enables you to meet only the most experienced people in the sphere and get a chance to have a share of their experience as well which is really valuable.

Traders Fair & Gala night is sponsored by leading brands such as Australian Forex Marketplace (Grand sponsor), FIBOGroup (Silver sponsor), RPNPay, OlympTrade. Needless to say these names are already very well known to everyone interested in finance and advocate for the event. All of these companies have their own unique stands during the event so don’t miss your chance to meet them in person and ask them about what they can help you with on your hard financial path.

The date is already really close – in times where it is hard to even go outside Traders Fair events have your back. The registration for the event is already opened and it’s media resources provide daily information about financial situation in the world. Just register already to wait for this fantastic opportunity together -

May 29, 2021

Manila, Philippines


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